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bridging the gap between rec and club

Going to club sports from rec has been a massive, uncomfortable and expensive jump.  The need for a natural “tweener” option has been huge.  AZClubPrep is here to do just that.  

We offer club prep for volleyball, basketball, football, baseball and soccer.  

For a more club-like experience, join us this SEASON!

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Club sports can cost thousands of dollars per season.  AZ Club Prep’s registration fee is a fraction of that – even less than many rec leagues.  



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Five emphasis sports

Our focus is primarily on developing players for club volleyball, club basketball, club baseball, club soccer and 7-on-7 high school football.  

Club Prep Volleyball

Our club prep volleyball program features three age divisions - 12s (ages 12 and younger), 14s (ages 14 and younger) and 16s (ages 16 and younger)

Club Prep Basketball

Our club prep basketball program includes three divisions - 11s (ages 11 and younger), 13s (ages 13 and younger) and 15s (ages 15 and younger).

Club Prep Flag Football

Our club prep football program includes JV (9th and 10th grades), Jr High, 12 (ages 12 and younger), 10s (ages 10 and younger, 8s (ages 8 and younger)

Club Prep Soccer

Our club prep soccer program includes 14s (ages 14 and younger), 12s (ages 12 and younger) and 10s (ages 10 and younger)

Club Prep Baseball

Our club prep baseball program includes 12s (ages 12 and younger) and 9s (ages 9 and younger)