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Providing Arizona families with a club-like experience at a fraction of the cost.

az club prep volleyball

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Club  volleyball can can run anywhere between $2,000-$10,000 per season.  This is just not in the cards for many players.  Our club prep volleyball program is designed to give players that club-like game feel at less than 10% of the cost.

Enjoy accelerated competition, established coaching staffs and better game play.  Players will learn rotations, substitution and the basics of scorekeeping/officiating.

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Upgraded Experience

With AZ Club Prep, the entire experience will be upgraded. Upgrades include better uniforms, longer games, accelerated rules and better game officiating.


With AZ Club Prep volleyball, you'll register as a team and bring your own coach. You'll play against other accelerated teams for better competition.


The most important aspect of our program is that it won't break the bank. Club sports can be thousands of dollars per season. AZ Club Prep is just a fraction of that.


age divisions

Our player age range is from 11-16 with older divisions coming in the future.

16s Volleyball

14s volleyball

12s volleyball


frequently asked questions

Although we prefer that you register as a team, you can register individually.  If you register individually, you will either get drafted onto a team or you will be placed on a newly-created team with a paid coach.