AZ Club Prep Basketball Tourney (June 30-31)

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The AZ Club Prep Basketball Tournament is the last of our three summer tournaments.  It is an annual summer tournament for players currently in 3-4 grades, 5-6 grades and 7-8 grade teams.  While all levels are invited to participate, teams will be pooled by level of play to keep competition as level as possible.  These pools include club, club prep, rec and newly-formed teams.

If you do not have a team, you can sign up as a free agent and we will find a team for you.


  • June 30-31


Tournament games will take place in four locations across the east valley.  Your game location will depend on your pool.

  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ (central area and east areas)
  • Queen Creek, AZ


Players currently in the following grades

  • 7-8 grade boys
  • 7-8 grade girls
  • 5-6 grade boys
  • 5-6 grade girls
  • 3-4 grade boys and girls


  • $395/team


  • Teams must provide their own uniforms
  • Uniforms must include jerseys and shorts/spandex of the same design color (players cannot wear different colored bottoms)


Guaranteed 4-7 games!

  • Games are blitz-style (14-minute halves)
  • 2-minute halftime
  • Running clock (only stops on timeouts)
  • Foul on shot is 1pt plus the ball
  • Pool play Friday, single-elimination Saturday


    We need this in order to place you in a pool of similar talent

    Please list each player's name below.  If you are still recruiting players, you can submit those to the league later

    • I understand that our team will provide our own uniforms
    • I understand that my team will play games Friday and Saturday
    • Refunds will be honored with a minimum two week's notice before the event
    • My team's parents will keep my non-playing kids next to me at all times during games
    • My team's parents will not bring dogs to the games
    • My team's parents will not take food or drinks into gymnasiums