Fall 2023 Individual Registration


*If you are looking for the summer season registration, please visit the summer season page*

Welcome to fall season!  This is where you register a single player who does not currently belong to a club or team.  If you want to register an entire team or join an existing team, please go to the team registration page.

By registering a single player (AKA “Free agent”), you will receive full participation into our summer season.  This includes a minimum of 7 games, weekly practices, game jersey, tournament and more!


Players with team:

  • $150 + team fee

Players not on a team yet:

  • Outdoor sports – $150 –
    • You will be placed on a team with a coach (team may have additional fees but minimal)
    • If there are no spots available, you will be placed on a new team with a paid coach
  • Basketball – $195 (includes coach and indoor gym practices)
  • Volleyball – $295 (includes coach and indoor gym practices)

There are two ways to join a team/club in our program.

  1. We can assign your player to a club
  2. You can attend tryouts for one of our clubs/teams

After registering, we will work with you to put you with a club.  Clubs charge their own additional fees to cover costs for practice facilities, equipment, coaching and other expenses.  These typically range between $25-$100 but can go as high as $400.

Players that do not make a team will be fully refunded.

*Club Prep is NOT for beginners.  If your child is a beginner, please register at our rec league  

*If you are a coach but don’t have players outside of your child, you can still register as a team and pay the discounted price.  You don’t have to have a full team!  We will add players to your team to fill it up.

*Players must wear the same jersey AND shorts.  Solid back shorts or spandex would work perfectly.


This is NOT a rec league.  You must be willing and prepared to travel as much as 30 minutes for some games.

Legacy Sports Park

  • Soccer
  • Flag football

Mesa central – Main and center st

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

Mesa east – Basis Mesa (Eastmark)

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

Gilbert – Cooley Middle School

  • Flag football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball

Queen Creek – Heritage Gateway

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Flag football


We use your child’s age as of July 1 of THIS year


  • 16s boys/open – ages 16 and younger
  • 16 girls – ages 16 and younger
  • 14s boys/open – ages 14 & younger
  • 14s girls – ages 14 & younger
  • 12s coed – ages 12 & younger


  • U10 coed – ages 9 and younger
  • U13 coed – ages 12 and younger
  • U15 boys/open – ages 14 and younger
  • U15 girls – ages 14 and younger


  • U10 coed – ages 8-9
  • U13 coed – ages 10-12

Flag football:

  • U15 coed – ages 14 and younger
  • U13 coed – ages 12 and younger
  • U11 coed – ages 10 and younger


  • July 17-August 2 Early Registration
  • Aug 3-aug 30 Normal Registration
  • Aug 31-Sep 14 Late Registration
  • Oct 6 Rosters Released
  • 10/28 Games
  • 11/04 Games
  • 11/11 Games
  • 11/18 Games
  • 11/25 Bye Thanksgiving
  • 12/2 Playoffs
  • 12/9 Championship



    This information is used to help create balanced teams of all abilities.


    We will work to find a team for our child, but there is always help needed.  If you have experience with sports, we could use assistant coaches!

    • I understand that coaches can charge each child up to $50 extra to cover teams costs (ie. gym/field rentals, equipment, gear)
    • I understand that teams are to provide one line judge per game
    • I understand that, as an individual registrant, I will need to try out and be drafted onto a team.
    • I understand that my child may not make a team (refund will be issued)
    • I understand that practice times may not be convenient and that I may need to adjust my schedule to make things work
    • I understand that if I register multiple kids, practices may conflict and games may conflict.
    • I understand that I will need to purchase a new jersey if my child's jersey becomes lost or damaged. 
    • I understand that my team will play travel games this season.
    • I understand that games may be on Friday evenings or Saturdays
    • Refunds may only be issued prior to tryouts/roster sendout
    • I will keep my non-playing kids next to me at all times during games
    • I will not bring dogs to the games
    • I will not take food or drinks into gymnasiums