Spring 2023 Individual Registration

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By registering a single player, you will receive full participation into our winter season.  This includes a minimum of 7 games, weekly practices, game jersey and more!  Coaches may charge up to an additional fee, if they choose, to cover practice gym, equipment, coaching and other costs.  In the event that that we are unable to fit all kids on a team, there will be a tryout and coaches will draft players.  Players that do not make a team will be fully refunded.

*If you are a coach but don’t have players outside of your child, you can still register as a team and pay the discounted price.  You don’t have to have a full team!  We will add players to your team to fill it up.

*Players must wear solid back shorts or spandex.  A white logo is permissible.



    This information is used to help create balanced teams of all abilities.


    We will work to find a team for our child, but there is always help needed.  If you have experience with sports, we could use assistant coaches!

    • I understand that coaches can charge each child up to $50 extra to cover teams costs (ie. gym/field rentals, equipment, gear)
    • I understand that teams are to provide one line judge per game
    • I understand that, as an individual registrant, I will need to try out and be drafted onto a team.
    • I understand that my child may not make a team (refund will be issued)
    • I understand that practice times may not be convenient and that I may need to adjust my schedule to make things work
    • I understand that if I register multiple kids, practices may conflict and games may conflict.
    • I understand that I will need to purchase a new jersey if my child's jersey becomes lost or damaged. 
    • I understand that my team will play travel games this season.
    • I understand that games may be on Friday evenings or Saturdays
    • Refunds may only be issued prior to tryouts/roster sendout
    • I will keep my non-playing kids next to me at all times during games
    • I will not bring dogs to the games
    • I will not take food or drinks into gymnasiums